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AEC Communications, Inc. offers Architectural, Engineering, Construction support services. Specializing in CAD & BIM support, As Built Surveys, Historical Surveys, Facilities Management Documention, Renderings and Animations.

AEC Communications Project Database

We would like to introduce our project database to the public. For over a year, the database was only accessible from web-enabled CAD drawings. At this time, it contains recent projects and selected projects from past work. It is our desire to populate the database with all of our projects; giving us the power to search our data and do statistical analyses. If you would like more information about the project database, please see section 9 of our As-built Survey Specifications.

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BIM Survey – Animation

This is a Building Information Model from a survey of an existing mall. The video starts with a photo taken on site. It fades to a rendered model using camera matching. The model cycles through rendered, shaded, hidden line, wireframe and finally the floor plan. The model and rendering was created on Revit. Apple Motion was used for video editing. Visit the project page here.

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Gray, Tennessee – Architectural Survey, CAD, As Built Survey

AEC Communications, Inc. performed As Built Survey (Architectual Survey) of a 140,000 SF industrial building in Gray, Tennessee. The architectural drawings of the existing structure were drawn and delivered in CAD format. The building contained Administrative Offices, Plant Work Area, Sales Floor and Industrial Equipment. We were also tasked to ‘walk-the-site’ and identify unusual conditions, parking, lighting, equipment, fire protection equipment verify the property lines.

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City of Norfolk

City of Norfolk Bridge – Architectural Renderings, 3D Renderings

AEC Communications, Inc. was involved in creating a series of Architectural Renderings in a response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Bridge Rehabilitation Contract with the City of Norfolk, Virginia. The architectural improvements were modeled and composited with photos of the existing bridges. In addition to printed materials the images were used in a PowerPoint presentation where the new and existing conditions were cross-faded.

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The Techincal Illustration Process 2 – (Architectual Renderings, Animations, 3D Visualizations)

The intent of this series is to explain the Technical Illustration process so illustrations can be produced that meet one’s desired expectations and clearly communicate our ideas. Typical concerns for our consideration include budget and deadlines within a project, and the quality and effectiveness of the media itself. Our previous article on the Technical Illustration process served as an introduction to the craft, as an explanation for the necessity of this media in today’s corporate world, and as an orientation to the variety of Technical…

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The Technical Illustration Process 1 – ( Architectural Renderings, Visualizations, 3D Animations )

Technical Illustrations provide a powerful form of communication, allowing both the technically and non-technically minded to appreciate and understand the basis of design. They present a realistic image prompting discussion of various aspects of the project, rather than a mere description of it. Illustrations play an important role throughout the project life-cycle: the proposal, feasibility study, conceptual design, public hearings, garnering support, preliminary design, funding and final design. Additionally, these illustrations become quite nostalgic once the project is completed and archived. Familiarity with the Technical…

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TSED, Fort Lee, Virginia

TSED Traning Facility, Fort Lee, Virginia – BIM Support, CAD Support

AEC Communications provided BIM Support (Building Information Model) and CAD Support for a new Tactical Support Equipment Department Training Facility, on the new Ordnance School Campus at Fort Lee, Virginia. The 260,500 SF structure has an estimated $47M construction cost. The new facility will provide training labs, classrooms and administration areas. Our involvement included developing the BIM in Autodesk Revit and providing CAD/Technical support for various aspects of the design phase. Our portion of the model was linked to the Architectural model. We performed our…

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439 Granby Street, Norfolk, Viginia

439 Granby Street – Rendering, As Built Survey

AEC Communications, Inc. participated in visualization services for the 439 Granby Street project located in Norfolk, Virginia. The scope of work included as built survey, production of a BIM (Building Information Model) and a rendered elevation. The rendering work was composed by hand in Adobe Photoshop and used for a presentation with the Architectural Review Board. Colors and textures were calibrated with materials supplied by the Architect. We also incorportate photogrammetry techniques to insure that the final product was printed to a correct scale.

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Gethsemane Baptist Church - Rendering Exterior

Gethsemane Baptist Church – BIM, BIM Support, Rendering

AEC Communications, Inc. provided Visualization, CAD and BIM (Building Information Model) support for the new church building for Gethsemane Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia. Our scope of work included 3D Visualization, production of preliminary drawings and final Architectural and Structural drawings in Autodesk’s Revit. The 70,000 SF facility has a 14,000 SF Sanctuary, Narthex, Gymnasium, Locker Rooms, Administration Office Wing, twenty Classroom Education Wing, Bookstore and Choir/Music Wing.

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