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Exporting Autodesk Cloud Panorama Renderings

The Autodesk Cloud Rendering service now allows you to render a panorama rendering. Something that cannot be accomplished with stand-alone Revit. The results are quite good and it would be great to use with your clients so that they can see and understand your design. Autodesk Cloud does not allow users to share, embed on a website or export the panorama. I suspect that there are a number of reasons why we are not able to do this at this time, including viewer licensing restrictions,…

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Importing Occipital 360 Panoramas into Autodesk Stitcher

If you have ever done panoramic images by hand then you know what a headache stitching them together can be. Most of the time Autodesk Stitcher can stitch them seamlessly, but at times parallax errors can be time consuming to resolve. Occipital’s 360 Panorama is an iPhone and Android app that allows you to create a panoramic image with your phone. The app uses the gyroscope in your phone to position the images. The images are automatically stitched and closed. More often than not the…

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