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Computer Aided Drafting/Design

AEC Communications, Inc. Releases Structural Libraries for Autocad.

AEC Communications, Inc. releases a Free-for-Use structural shape library for products based on core Autocad 12 through Autocad 2009. STRUCT parametrically draws shapes in section, plan view and elevation using property libraries and user defined layers. Struct also provides quick access to shape dimensional properties for reference. Shapes included are Wide Flange (W, M, S), Angles (L), Channels (C), Pipes, Tubes (HSS), Tees (WT, MT, ST), Lumber and Concrete Masonry Units (CMU).

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CAD/Architectural Resources on Google Books

While there are many free resources on the Internet there is nothing like finding fully digital and searchable versions of printed resources. Google Book Seach Beta is one such place. The search engine allows users to perform a text search on their growing list of digitized books. In most cases the search will return a ‘Limited Preview’ or ‘Snippet View’; with some creative search strings it is possible to find exact information. However, there is also a ‘Full View Only’ category that will only return…

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