Relax and Let God…


“Relax and Let God…” now in digital format with Bible quotations from American Standard Version (ASV), King James Version (KJV), Darby Translation (DARBY) and/or World English Bible (WEB). Bible references are linked and indexed. In addition, there are group discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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Issues and problems of great magnitude daily press in upon every believer. They cannot be ignored. Everywhere, laymen and Christian leaders fail in an endless effort to find peace of mind and a life filled with meaning, hope, and direction. This book beckons each believer to simply stop struggling and rest in God’s matchless provisions for a guaranteed, fruitful life in the midst of any and all circumstances.

After years of anxiety and frustrated efforts, the author discovered for himself God’s ample provision – a very able Holy Spirit indwelling his soul. James E. Duncan, Jr., a pastor for twenty-three years and a constant friend and counselor to myself and other caught up in life’s traumas, began to apply and share his discovery of the abundant life in his ministry. As the miraculous results of his Spirit-led life and ministry unfold in these pages, he guides the reader into the revelation that the real Christian life is not a life of effort in which the believer attempts to do for God. Rather, the Christian life is one of dependency upon the indwelling Person to apply through the believer divine solutions to the demands of life.

Hopefully, this book will not be approached simply as an intellectual exercise but as an experience in which the reader discovers for himself the end to his own search for a life filled with meaning – a provision of God immediately available by simply receiving what he is delightfully waiting to bestow upon every believer.

-Cecil Yates


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