The Benefits of Outsourcing As-Built Surveys (Part 1) – BIM Survey

The architectural documentation of existing structures has long been a necessary aspect of renovations, additions, facility management and historical preservation. In the last twenty-five years; the accuracy of surveys became very important due to building codes, federal laws, design practices and construction practices. As we continue to incorporate sustainable design principles and environmentally conscious practices the need for accurate and thorough documentation of existing structures increases.This article, first is a series, will explore aspects of architectural documentation of existing structures (or as built surveys), their necessity for projects today, kinds of surveys, aspects of as built documents, delivery methods, uses, benefits of outsourcing and future uses.

Architectural documention of existing structures or as-built surveys vary in complexity of the survey as well as professional disciplines. The complexity of the survey can range from a Lease Outline Diagram (LOD) to full architectural plans and elevations. Survey disciplines are typically Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing field investigations.
-Types of Surveys
-Delivery of As Built Documents
-One change order can exceed the cost of an as built survey
-retail furniture clearances, decals for windows, ADA, ANSI, LIFE Safety requirements, industrial equipment precise clearances, hospitals, restaurants,
-leed for existing buildings
-future uses
-facilities management
-what is provided, optional
-cost comparison
-need for a third party
-using existing construction documents verses verification, CAD staff workload
-cad standards
-bim standards (leed, gsa)
-Quotes from the industry
-structural, mep and environmental
-experience of an a/e staff, project time constraints
-questions and answers
-will my AECCOM’s standards convert to our office standards, cad standards
-photos, examples, video
-comparison between car industry and AEC and other industries

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