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Architectural Renderings

Architectural Renderings provide a powerful form of communication, allowing both the technically and non-technically minded appreciate and understand a project. They present a realistic image prompting discussion of various aspects of the project, rather than a mere description of it.

Renderings play an important role throughout the project life cycle: the proposal, feasibility study, conceptual design, public hearings, garnering support, preliminary design, funding and final design. Additionally, these illustrations become quite nostalgic once the project is completed and archived.

Familiarity with the visualization process enables us to produce images that not only meet expectations, but accurately communicate ideas. We can produce renderings from either verbal instructions or sketches just as easily as it can be produced from a final set of plans. Additionally, we can model furnishings and casework as well as matching desired finishes.

Additionally, we can produce architectural walk throughs, as Video (8K Resolution/Online), 3D Video (SBS/Anaglyph) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Our workflow follows this model: Gathering Information, Model Development, Scene Development, Pre-Final Rendering, Final Rendering and Post-Production. Each stage can be reviewed prior to proceeding to the next.

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