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Elements of the Insurance Record | Pricing

Losing property can lead to a period of stress. Recalling and itemizing damaged property can be challenging. During tumultuous times, this process may become overwhelming. We offer a visual documentation of your home, valuables and furnishings to assist you in the unfortunate event of theft, fire or natural disaster. Our service provides all the necessary details to facilitate an insurance claim and support your recovery process.

The above video exemplifies the particulars from an Insurance Record and Home Inventory.

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Elements of the Insurance Record:

The Insurance Record comprises the following elements. A comprehensive explanation of each item will follow the list.


The report will comprise a list of major appliances and assets identified during the home inventory. It will incorporate details from photographs of the manufacturer’s tag, including the manufacturer’s information, model, and serial number. Please note that this does not represent a comprehensive inventory of everything in the home.

Floor Plan(s):

As part of the procedure, we will develop a schematic floor plan for each level. This will serve as a blueprint for reconstructing any damaged areas. Furthermore, the floor plans can be utilized for future construction and renovations, or as promotional material for the prospective sale of the property. For any homeowner, having an accurate floor plan is an essential asset.

360-Degree Photos:

A 360-degree photograph, often referred to as a spherical or panoramic image, is an immersive visual that offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of a space in every direction. This photograph type enables viewers to explore the environment as if they were at its core, providing a full environmental experience. One can interact with the scene by clicking and dragging across the image, as well as zooming in to see details.

3D Point Cloud:

An architectural point cloud is a 3D representation of an object or space, widely used in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction. It consists of points in 3D space that define the surface area captured by our LiDAR scanner. These point clouds offer high precision and are instrumental in generating accurate building plans. A typical point cloud for a residence may include as many as 35 million points. Experience a point cloud online.

3D Model:

While a point cloud serves as a three-dimensional representation of a structure, a 3D model is an entity depicted through polygonal surfaces and textures. This model can be utilized across various applications. The advantage of the 3D model lies in its enhanced image resolution, which permits a more detailed inspection.

USB Thumb drive:

The data files are delivered on a USB thumb drive, which includes software for viewing them. The information is well-organized and labeled for ease of use. Furthermore, all files are stored in industry-standard formats without proprietary formatting, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.

Perpetual Archiving:

All original scans and information will be preserved as backup copies on our private servers in the event that a personal copy is lost or damaged. Nightly backups are conducted in two separate locations that are not directly connected to the internet. In addition, periodic offline backups are maintained.

Contact us: 757-355-5370 | 866-380-0907 | Email


$495.00 for 2,500 SF of space. $100.00 for each addition 500 SF. Ex: a 3,500 SF home would be $695.00.