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As-Built CAD/BIM Surveys (AE Documentation of Existing Structures: CAD Survey, BIM Survey)

AEC Communications, Inc. provides nationwide as-built surveys of existing structures for Architectural design, facilities management, insurance records, and lease area verification purposes. The goal of a survey is to accurately convey existing conditions in a manner that client understands and can develop a scope of work for new construction.

  • CAD (AutoCAD, Vectorworks)
  • BIM (Revit)
  • Lidar Scanning/Point Clouds (LAS, Recap, Matterport)
  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • MEP
  • Site Plans

Our proposal to perspective clients:
– We provide nationwide as-built surveys.

– Rely on our experience in documenting existing structures. Using in-house staff may seem like the best solution, but consider: is your staff needed in the office to satisfy the current workload? How often does your staff travel? How often do they document existing structures? Can they perform the survey efficiently? We have over 30 years of experience documenting structures and are able to survey approximately 35,000 SF a day.

Items Provided: Printable Format

– We use the latest measuring equipment, such as: Laser Range Finders, 360 Cameras and Lidar Scanners.

– Final surveys are delivered in Autodesk AutoCAD (CAD), Autodesk REVIT (BIM), Vectorworks (CAD/BIM), Autodesk Recap (3D point clouds) and Matterport. Our drawings comply with AIA CAD standards or we can incorporate a client’s existing standard.

– Delivery of surveys generally take two weeks from the date that we have access to the structure, however we can rush a project if needed.

Hazardous Conditions
Two workers in protective clothing working in hazardous conditions.

– All travel, lodging and scheduling are included in our fee structure (there is a cap on airfare).

– Our fee structure is based on the building area and given by proposal.

– Our fee structure is based on the building area and given by proposal. Clients are able to accurately budget projects rather than guessing at unknowns.

– If we overlook something, we will provide it or return to the site free of charge. See Notes for exceptions.

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