About the Project Database:
AEC Communications, Inc. provides Architectural, Engineering and Construction support services. We specializing forms of Communications related to the A.E.C. industry; which includes: CAD & BIM support, As-Built CAD/BIM Surveys, Historical Documentation, Facilities Management Documentation, Renderings, Animations, Media, Internet Media and CAD Management/Development.

Our office is located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, within thirty minutes of two national airports. Projects located within five hours distance are considered our Local Market, which encompasses 90,000 square miles of five states. The continental United States is our Extended Market. We have conducted business in thirty-one states in the union, from coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

The database uses technology from our ARCHeion Project. At this time, it only contains a sample of our projects. It is our desire to populate the database with all of our projects; giving us the power to search our data and do statistical analyses.
Datebase Statistics:
Number of Projects:1372

Number of States: 48

Total Area:18159923 SF

Number of Documents: 10296